Vision & Who We are

Building a better world


Our vision is to build a better world.

A world which is balanced, open, collaborative, flexible and fair so that everyone feels respected, safe and can do their best work.

Transforming the way we think and the way we look at ourselves and the world is the new frontier.

We are obsessed with being a catalyst for change by reframing the problem into an opportunity for improved financial performance, innovation and sustainability. 

We think beyond compliance and legislation-although this frames everything we do. 

We take a lean approach to uncover real value  and apply an entrepreneurial mindset to execute on opportunities for real growth and change.

We intersect gender balance, cognitive & identity diversity, inclusion, leadership, technology with entrepreneurship and innovation for change, social impact and sustainability.

Our focus is on the hacks or solutions which can move the needle in making business and society truly gender balanced, diverse & inclusive.




Founder: Jana Hlistova

A diversity & inclusion strategist. I am an entrepreneur and a writer.

Born in the Czech Republic, raised in Australia and the UK, I have 'lived' and studied diversity & inclusion from a very young age.

In particular, I study how we change or upgrade the lens through which we look at the world and at each other,  in order to build better businesses, a better society and a better world.

My personal mission is to level the playing field for women at work, women entrepreneurs and underrepresented groups.

A Masters graduate from the London School of Economics, I have 17years+ in senior business development and commercial management in enterprise tech, digital, media & telecoms. I've achieved commercial targets up to £2m. I've founded 3 start-ups, the most recent being a diversity recruitment & HR tech business.

My focus intersects gender, the future of work, technology, leadership, cognitive & identity diversity, inclusion, economics, entrepreneurship, gender-lens investing, women investing in women, organisational design, psychology, communication and social impact.

I am an eternal optimist.



Founder, Jana Hlistova

Founder, Jana Hlistova