Diversity Hacks
Diversity Hacks
Building a better world for everyone

Accelerating the pace of change in diversity & inclusion at work 


Solving big problems. One step at a time.


Strategy, vision & values

We work with Founders, CEOs and the leadership team in start-ups and organisations.

We help figure out how gender balance, diversity & inclusion can transform your business and drive tangible results. 

Our approach and services aim to improve your decision-making, minimise your blindspots, reduce risk and drive innovation.

We provide support and advisory to leaders.

We also advise and work with start-ups which are moving the needle in diversity & inclusion.



People, process & technology

You may want to address an underserved market opportunity. 

You may need to rethink your recruitment strategy in order to hire senior women or build a pipeline of women in STEM.

Or you want to ensure start-ups in your portfolio are building diverse & inclusive teams.

Perhaps you need to rethink your culture.

Or maybe you are looking for technology solutions that will help to alter behaviour and processes in your business.

We can help.




How your business is perceived by diverse communities is important. And how you communicate, across all channels, with your people, customers, suppliers and investors is crucial to building a sustainable business.

We focus on how to transform your employer brand and your communications in order to help you build a business of the future, today.



New initiatives

We obsess about what innovation, project or venture may drive the breakthroughs you need.

We combine a learning mindset with creativity, data and experimentation.

We don’t assume one approach or solution. Every business is different. And that’s what makes it interesting.